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Smart Cities Reverse Pitch Focuses on Community Needs

Posted by Julia Batlle

smart citiesTwenty-thousand dollars will be up for grabs at the Smart Cities Gigabit Reverse Pitch event Friday at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson.

The event is part of the US Ignite’s Smart Cities Gigabit Communities …

What Drives People To Dive Into the Fray of Entrepreneurship?

Posted by Damian Skinner


We’ve heard the stories. The blood, sweat, and tears that go into getting your invention to market. We’ve watched the TV shows and heard the pitches and maybe thought to …

UTD Grad, Husband Develop App to Fill Empty Salon Chairs

Posted by Jeanne Spreier

It was a simple idea that has taken one segment of the economy by storm: sell empty beauty salon stations via mobile app.

Courtney Caldwell and her husband, Tye, own Salon 74 by Tye in Plano. For several months after …

UTD’s Launchpad: Revving Startups Outside the Classroom

Posted by Jeremy Vickers


Over the 10-week Launchpad program created last fall, participants get a highly experiential, outside the classroom, lean startup environment to get their business concept off the ground.

During these 10 weeks, Launchpad teams …

Why is the Dallas Skyline Purple?

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

That’s the question many may be asking tonight. But before we get to the purple skyline, we want to tell you what’s been happening at Dallas Innovates since our website launched in December.

As many of you know, Dallas Innovates, …

So You Want to be an Inventor?

Posted by Cheri Garcia

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “inventor?” Most people think of success and money. In honor of National Inventors Day, I wanted to bring awareness to the hard work behind the inventions …

Got a Question About the Invention Process? Is Here for You

Posted by Dan Koller
Mary Russell Sarao holds a package of Ghostline poster board. Photo by Michael Samples.

Mary Russell Sarao holds a package of Ghostline poster board. Photo by Michael Samples.

Because Barbara Russell Pitts and Mary Russell Sarao invented Ghostline, a poster board with faint grid lines that guide the user but seem to disappear at …