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American Airlines’ New Tech to Speed Up Security Lines

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

Many travelers can expect shorter security line wait times at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport next year, thanks to new technology being developed by Fort Worth-based American Airlines. 

Automated screening lanes are expected to reduce wait times as much as …

3 Things: UTA Grad’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Uses New Turning Technique

Posted by Julia Falcon

A graduate from UTA has created an unmanned aerial vehicle that uses a new technique to change directions, a local startup is creating orthopedic implants with 3D printing, and DFW Airport is the first in North America to become carbon

DFW Airport’s Innovative Plan Prevents Bird Strikes

Posted by Michael Gordon

Aviation experts say bird strikes can cause an estimated $600 million a year in damage in the United States to commercial and military aircraft, with 168,974 bird strikes reported between Jan. 1, 1990 and June 30, 2015, according to the …

Startup: State of Innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Welcome to the content hub for startup news and commentary, featuring topics that range from small businesses and growth-stage business to entrepreneurs and investors. Here’s an overview of where we stand in startup innovation leading into 2016. 

When it comes …