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Meeting People Can Be Awkward: Enter Nawkr

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

If you’re a curious sort of person, you might have experienced this situation: you’re out and about and you notice an interesting-looking stranger. Maybe he’s reading a book you enjoyed or designing something cool on his laptop. You want to …

The Secret Behind Community Development

Posted by Larry James

People power innovation. Without a doubt this concept—or, better, this commitment—is the most important truth I have learned in the past 21 years. People possess the power, the capacity, and the desire to solve their own problems if they are …

How to Change the World With Corporate UX

Posted by D'Andrea Willis

You’re probably thinking that I’m exaggerating by saying that corporate UX can change the world, but in the words of comedian Kevin Hart, let me explain.

User Experience (UX) is the science of who, what, when, where, why, and …