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Warstic: Putting the Hunter Spirit into Baseball

Posted by Amy Wolff Sorter

The high-concept short film presents a determined tone, featuring fire, intent faces, and the deep, dark woods. Amid dialogue and visuals of hunters, warriors, and the swing of a baseball bat, Dallas-based Warstic gets its point across: The bats …

Is Athletic Success Predictable?
MVR Has an Answer

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

A Frisco startup has come up with a new way to predict athletic ability, motivation, and success that could change scouting and recruiting for multiple sports.

Most Valuable Recruit (MVR) goes beyond traditional IQ tests with technology-based analytics to measure …

Device Designed to Curb Pitching Injuries Takes Top Prize at Contest

Posted by Heather Noel


Senthil Natarajan knows the effect overuse and repetitive motions can have on the body.

At 14, an arm injury he sustained while pitching kept him from returning to the mound.

“Baseball pitching is an …