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Cancer-Fighting Dallas Pharma Raises $3.7M

Posted by Amy Wolff Sorter

Bio-tech firm Lantern Pharma Inc. raised $3.7 million from its Series A equity financing to continue its search for and testing of abandoned cancer drugs.

The Dallas-based company will use the funds to continue research on phase two clinical candidate …

Toyota Steps Up Its Robotics With New Leg Brace

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Toyota wants to help people with partial paralysis walk again using robotic leg braces. The Japanese automaker unveiled the Welwalk WW-1000 Wednesday in Tokyo, Tech Times reported.

[ Photo: Toyota ]

The automaker, which will open its North American headquarters …

Starbucks Delving into AI with Voice Ordering Feature

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Starbucks is using artificial intelligence and voice recognition to make ordering your favorite drink a little easier. 

My Starbucks barista is a new feature that’s been integrated into Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay for iOS. Starbucks is also launching a …

5 Health Trends to Keep Your Eyes on in 2017

Posted by Hubert Zajicek

While the top news headline likely will remain the anticipated repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its consequences, said consequences may turn out to be far less sensational.

Health care will remain a top concern for all who deliver …

How IoT, Artificial Intelligence will Affect Our Future

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Connected cars, nano-fabric, virtual reality and even smart toilets. The future looks amazing yet scary at the same time as people sacrifice privacy for convenience and rely on artificial intelligence to handle repetitive tasks.  

Without the luxury of a time …

3 Things: Could Artificial Intelligence Be The Future of Internet Search?

Posted by Heather Noel

Startups are using artificial intelligence to develop new internet search techniques, Exxon Mobil has found a new process that could reduce emissions and energy usage in plastic manufacturing, a Flower Mound group provides a forum for entrepreneurs seeking advice.